The apostille (international certification of documents, the process of apostilization) is attached to official deeds and documents. It proves the authentication of the signature and imprint of the stamp on documents for the purpose of its use abroad. These are most often administrative, wedding, business and court documents, notarial acts and powers of attorney subject to the so-called apostille clause.


What should to know about Apostille?


Apostille is required by the countries which are signatories to the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents (Apostille Convention, or Hague Convention, 1961).

List of Member States of the Apostille Convention.

Ministry of Justicefor document + 30,-kč – 100,-kč stamp2.500,-Kč
Ministry of Foreign Affairsfor document + 100,-kč stamp2.500,-Kč
Ministry of Educationfor document + 100,-kč stamp2.500,-Kč
Ministry of Culturefor document + 50,-kč stamp2.500,-Kč
Chamber of Commerce of the Czech republicfor document + 600,-stamp2.500,-Kč
Ministry of Defencefor document + 100,-kč stamp2.500,-Kč
Ministry of Financefor document2.500,-Kč
Ministry of Industry and Tradefor document + 100,-kč stamp2.500,-Kč
Ministry of Healthfor document + 100,- kč stamp2.500,-Kč
Ministry of Agriculturefor document + 100,-kčstamp2.500,-Kč

albanska-vlajka Albániealbanska-vlajka Andorraalbanska-vlajka Antigua a Barbudaalbanska-vlajka Argentina
Arménie Austrálie Ázerbajdžán Bahamy
Barmados Belgie Belize Bělorusko
Bosna a Hercegovina Brunej Bulharsko Cookovy ostrovy
Černá Hora Česká republika Čína Dánsko
Dominika Dominikánská republika Ekvádor Estonsko

In most cases, apostille is issued in the official language of the country in which the documents were issued, sometimes bilingual (the second language is mostly English).

 Therefore, a court-certified translation is often necessary for submission in the country of destination.

Apostille is also attached to foreign birth certificates, marriage and divorce documents, issued to Czechs born or living abroad. On the basis of a certified translation of a foreign document, registration is then applied for through the embassies of the Czech Republic or the Registry Department, which is currently maintained by the Brno-City District Office.