Certified translation

 Among the most demanding translation activities are CERTIFIED TRANSLATIONS. These are official documents that become an integral, notarized part of court files.

The demands on them are therefore really high. Certified translation must be done by court translators and interpreters appointed by the court in the Czech Republic.

We deliver translations in accordance with to the international standard ISO 9001:2009.


In our certified translations, you can be sure of that. They are provided by trained professionals, proficient in the required fields. You will get texts which are translated flawlessly from the legislative, legal, and also semantic point of view.

You can choose from the extensive court-certified translation services we offer. We can also arrange express court translation delivered within 12 hours with 100% surcharge. We operate across the Czech Republic, but also accept orders from abroad.

    • Original document – bring your original document with you or send it via email or mesenger to our office address.
    • We will fill out the order form which contains type of translation service you require and its price according to our current pricelist. Final rate is calculated from the resulting translation. We will ask for your personal information, like your telephone number and email address in order to via email or a text message as soon as your court translation is completed.
    • Terms of delivery and other services verification of documents, apostilles, etc. we will specify and arrange for you. Any requests for translation services you have, we will consult with you.
    • The  completed court translations are provided with a court clause on the back side of the document which contains date and referred number to as an archive. In the event of loss or theft, it is available in state records at any time, you may obtain a copy (duplicate).

For long-term or otherwise extensive cooperation, we will be happy to “tailor” our offer to suit your needs.

The price for the final translation, stated in the SMS, is the final amount invoiced and it is based on our valid price list.


Please bring the original document in person or send it by post or messenger/courier to our registered office

Chronos Business Centre
Václavské náměstí 808/66
Prague 1, 110 00, CZ

It contains your contact details, the name of the ordered service, language combinations and the price according to our valid price list.  We process all personal data within the framework of GDPR. We will inform you about the exact date of completion and the final price for the translation by SMS. Please wait until you receive the confirming message, we are not able to provide the information sooner.

Delivery times are usually within 1-2 working days. Urgent translations are made within 1 hour of placing an order. For multi-page translations and other technically demanding documents, please send us an e-mail to: info@translation-interpreting.cz or fill in the inquiry form.  

We will make notarized copies for you, the price is 300,-CZK/document, CzechPoint: 200,-CZK/document. See more at notary services.

We will send you the translations by post, DHL, FedEx or other courier services. Postage is charged by registered letter: 300 CZK/pc, the DHL service according to their valid and current price list (plus 21% VAT).

It is possible to personally deliver the finished translation within the capital city of Prague (or its adjacent areas in the availability of public transport) for a fee: 1,000 CZK. Other non-standard/premium services (such as delivery of translations at the weekend, to the airport, collection of personal documents) will be communicated to you in advance. This is not a free service that is included in the final price of the translation.

When placing an order, we kindly request a payment in advance. If you come as a new customer, 100% payment in advance is always requested, otherwise the translation cannot be made (this also applies to orders via e-mail.) Private individuals pay the total amount, or we request an advance payment of at least 50% of the price of the certified translation or notarization. The order is then considered binding.
We issue an invoice to companies with a 14-day to 30-day maturity (subject to agreement).


What is the difference between official translation and certified translation?

What is certified translation?

Court translation Legal translation 

Official translation

A step up from official translation, certified translation is also carried out by professional translators, but the translation is then certified. This means the translations are bound together in a pack, and stamped just like an official translation, but with the addition of a certification letter.