Types of interpreting

You can use our interpreting services in various situations. We offer the following basic types of interpreting services:

  • Standard interpreting– we provide interpreting services in perfect quality in forty languages, from English through Russian, up to Vietnamese (including the combination of more foreign languages at the same time).
  • Certified/sworn interpreting – we will provide interpreting during official meetings, court hearings or during marriage ceremonies (by a judicially certified / sworn interpreter).
  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting– we can handle standard interpreting techniques, i.e. concurrent (simultaneous) and successive (consecutive) interpretation.
  • Interpreting abroad– our interpreter will be available for you during the entire business trip.

Extra bonuses for you

We can of course provide conference and interpreting equipment for your any of your actions – individually or along with our complete interpreting services.

Do you expect an important visit from another country? Leave nothing to chance and order our international travel assistance.


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